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4 Festive Makeup Looks for Glasses Wearers with Poppy Rawson

Beauty, lifestyle and YouTube guru, Poppy Rawson, has given us some of her top tips for achieving festive make-up looks for glasses wearers this holiday season.

Using four stylish pairs of glasses from designers Carolina Herrera, Versace, Prada and Guess, all available at Optical Express, Poppy created stunning looks, showing her viewers different ways to enhance their features with their glasses.

Here are some of her top tips:

  1. You need to look at the little details when you wear your glasses and see what the significance of each glasses are like on your face e.g. do they make your eyes bigger, do they distort the eye?

  2. If your glasses make your eyes look bigger then you need to use makeup to make your eyes look smaller so that they are in proportion to the rest of your face.

  3. Keep brows sculpted by defining the bottom edge but brush them through to keep them natural - this draws attention to your brow and frames the glasses too. Add a winged liner detail to brighten and lift the eye.

  4. If there is a lot of room on show underneath the eye as the lenses are only framed at the top so make sure the under eye is completely smooth and clean using concealer and powder to set.

Watch Poppy's full video and see how you can recreate these stunning looks.

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