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30th Anniversary of Laser Eye Surgery

Comment from surgeon who performed first procedure

25 March 2018 was the 30th anniversary of the first excimer laser treatment, which removes the need for glasses or contact lenses.

The revolutionary first procedure performed by Marguerite McDonald has now been performed more than one million times by Optical Express, the leading provider of corrective vision surgery, and improved the lives of millions of people.

Dr Marguerite McDonald, member of the International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB), commented: “It’s great to see the advancements in this technology since the first procedure was performed 30 years ago. If it wasn’t for the bravery of Alberta Cassidy, our first patient, the life changing surgery would not have advanced as quickly as it has, with the procedure now able to improve the vision of partially sighted and fully sighted patients in a matter of minutes.

“Following the discovery that the excimer laser left no thermal damage to the eye we quickly began developing the technique and procedure, with the results impressing the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allowing us to start offering the treatment to patients worldwide within a few short years.”

Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director at Optical Express, said: “Advancements in the surgery now mean that those with poorer vision and a wider range of lens prescriptions can be treated, as well as those with other eye conditions such as astigmatism and dry eye can benefit.

“New state-of the-art technology allows us to measure patient’s eye prescriptions up to 25 times more accurately, which results in delivery of even better clinical outcomes. Updated technology also means that the surgery is less intrusive, and the lens does not need to be replaced at the same time, as it did 30 years ago. This type of surgery is also safer than the wearing of daily contact lenses.

“The latest diagnostic and surgical equipment allows clinicians to work with the utmost precision to achieve the best outcomes, and constant developments mean the process will continue to improve, with those previously ineligible for the surgery able to undergo laser eye treatment and people who wear stronger prescription lenses able to undergo corrective treatment.”

“It is an absolute pleasure to work alongside Dr Marguerite McDonald on the Optical Express International Medical Advisory Board for the past 10 years.  Her insight and knowledge along with that of the other key opinion leaders that sit on our IMAB allow Optical Express to continue to deliver an exceptionally high standard of care to all patients.”

Optical Express clinicians treat more than double the number of patients for laser eye surgery and aftercare than any other provider. In a survey of 303,665 Optical Express patients, 99% said they would recommend Optical Express to their family and friends.

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