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3 Tips To Halt Myopia

Myopia is a condition that is also known as shortsightedness/nearsightedness. It’s a really common condition and the number of people who have myopia is growing. In fact, around half of the global population will be myopic by 2050.

Myopia usually occurs in childhood. It’s where the eyeballs grow too long and causes distance vision to become blurry. Family history and/or lifestyle causes myopia and it’s possible that it can lead to eye problems later in life.

How can the acceleration of myopia be stopped?

  • Children are increasingly spending more time using digital devices such as smart phones, tablets and games consoles. You can do the following to help:
    • Don’t let children use devices in the bedroom as they may disturb sleep.
    • Ensure boundaries are met in school with regards to device usage.
    • Encourage family time where no electronic devices are allowed.
    • Enable the blue light filter on electronic devices.
    • Make sure they keep their distance from screens, using it too closely can cause eye strain.
    • Keep the screen clean to avoid glare.
  • Encourage outdoor play – there are so many benefits of children playing outdoors. It keeps them fit and healthy, and also encourages the use of distance vision which is excellent for the eyes.
  • Eye examinations – don’t forget that eye tests for children’s developing eyes are really important. A child should attend an eye test every year and you can speak to your optometrist about any eye health issues, too.

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