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10 ways laser eye surgery will change your life

For those of you who put up with wearing glasses and/or contact lenses, laser eye surgery can be life-changing. There's no better time to take the initiative and start the New Year glasses-free. Read on to explore 10 ways getting laser eye surgery will change your life and take the next step by joining the vast majority of our patients who tell us they wish they'd done it sooner.

  1. As if the obnoxious blast from your alarm in the morning isn't bad enough, it's even worse when you need to fumble around to find your glasses to turn it off. Imagine waking up to clear vision as soon as you open your eyes every day. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the alarm, but we can help you achieve 20/20 vision or better.*
  2. packing and travelling become a breeze when you don't need to pack glasses, spare glasses and contact lens solutions. All you need is a pair of stylish sunglasses and you're set to enjoy all the pleasures of tourist attractions (or those business meetings) in gloriously clear high definition.
  3. Ongoing costs for glasses and contact lenses will become a thing of the past - no having to factor in contact lens direct debit payments with your monthly outgoings or having to delve in to your savings continually for another new pair of glasses.
  4. Getting ready for a night out on the town is now a lot more fun - for many glasses wearers this can prove to be tedious. Have you ever tried mastering a smoky eye with less than 20/20 vision, then putting your glasses back on to find the frame has smudged your perfect feline flick?
  5. You'll love the freedom you'll enjoy your favourite hobbies such as swimming, hiking, and playing rugby - which are a few of the activities many glasses/contact wearers find almost impossible to do, due to the frustration of not being able to see minus their glasses or the fear of what the damage a broken contact lens can do to your precious eye.
  6. Have you ever spent the afternoon in the park with an active toddler, only to have your glasses fall off and trampled on? After having laser eye surgery you can make the most of your time with children/grandchildren - running around and letting out your inner child is one of the most fun, carefree things you can do!
  7. No more waking up after a big night out with irritated eyes as you realise you stumbles into bed without taking your contact lenses out. After laser eye surgery, you'll never need to worry about taking contacts out again and can enjoy a much-needed lie in!
  8. When you're a glasses wearer who takes showers, you'll understand the stress of trying to scramble for the shampoo, conditioner or shower gel without your specs on. Imagine being able to see everything clearly as you confidently reach for the soap?
  9. Being a new parent is a stressful, tiring experience. Getting up during the night to tend to your pride and joy can be particularly taxing, especially if it involves scrambling around in the dark to find your glasses. Those few minutes are precious when they can be spent cradling baby, and much less stressful after laser eye surgery.
  10. Activities that were once uncomfortable or annoying whilst wearing glasses can become fun, so you can focus on the adrenaline rush rather than your glasses slipping down your nose. Golf, jogging and running will never be the same again.

Now you're no doubt visualising the moments in your life that you can enjoy worry-free, its time to book in for your free consultation with one of our expert optometrists.


*In a study of 190,231 Optical Express patients with the most common prescriptions we treat (excluding those with presbyopia and emmetropia) 99.2% achieved 20/20 vision or better following treatment.


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