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Many patients who attend the laser eye surgery consultation could not imagine the feeling of waking up the next morning and being able to see the alarm clock without the use of their glasses or contact lenses. Even the fact that they can now drive a car or enjoy playing sports and a simple thing like watching a movie without visual aids. The total dependence on visual aids since they were children has shaped their lives even to the point on how they have felt about themselves from a young age.

Over the years a tremendous amount of advancement has been made in the field of laser eye surgery. Typically the laser eye surgery procedure changes the shape of the eye to improve vision as an alternative to wearing visual aids like glasses or contact lenses.

After refractive and laser eye surgery, many patients report seeing better than they had at any other time in their lives.

There are two methods of laser eye surgery; LASIK and LASEK. The most commonly performed method is LASIK treatment, however some patients are better suited to LASEK. Both treatments may be enhanced with iDesign, revolutionary diagnostic technology that can detect even the most minute imperfections of your eye, allowing your surgeon to custom-fit your treatment to the exacting specification of your eyes.

The following laser eye surgery treatments are available at Optical Express:

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The most commonly used method of laser eye surgery comprising two lasers. Optical Express performs iLASIK, an advanced form of LASIK that uses blade-free, all-laser technology.

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LASEK is an alternative treatment to iLASIK comprising a single cool beam laser to correct your vision. A temporary protective lens is applied for additional comfort as your eyes heal.

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iDesign is the most advanced diagnostic technology that delivers the best visual outcome. This precision allows for totally customised treatment, tailored to your eyes' exact specification.

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