LASIK treatment is the most commonly used method of laser eye surgery. Optical Express performs iLASIK, a revolutionary all-laser surgery that allows your surgeon to further customise your treatment.

LASIK has been performed for over 20 years and it is now more advanced than ever with the introduction of Femtosecond. 

iLASIK comprises two computer-guided, ultra-fast, precision lasers that release cool laser beams. The first creates a thin protective flap and the second gently reshapes the cornea of your eye to correct your vision. iLASIK is performed under local anaesthetic (eye drops). The treatment itself takes less than 60 seconds per eye and patients experience little discomfort during or after the procedure. Both eyes can be treated on the same day. Your eyes are then free to recover naturally. 

The combination of iDesign and iLASIK is incredibly precise and delivers amazing results. We are so confident in it, that if you are suitable and go for this option we will guarantee that you will get 20/20 vision or better… or we will give you your money back1.
STEP 1 iLASIK preparation

When you enter the surgical room you sit down in the chair and anaesthetic drops are applied to numb the eye and keep you very comfortable during the procedure.

A surgical instrument aptly named a “lid spectrum” will be used to help keep your eyelids wide open during the corrective procedure.
STEP 2 iLASIK protective flap

The surgical team now use a laser keratome (laser device) to slice a thin flap on the cornea.

During this part of the procedure the cornea is flattened and your vision will dim, a slight pressure and discomfort is usually felt at this stage.

Once the flap has been completely parted from the cornea the surgeon will then remove this and proceed onto the next stage.
STEP 3 iLASIK vision correction

A second laser is then positioned over your eye to start the laser correction. We ask you to stare at a light during this stage however this is not the surgical laser.

This light helps you keep your eye fixed to one spot while the laser does its job and restoring your sight.

The computer controls the laser energy and with the thanks to your pre appointment assessment, we know exactly how much cornea tissue we are able to remove.
Tab 4: STEP 4 iLASIK completion

Once all of the tissue has been removed your surgeon will gently fold back the protective flap securely to its original position where it heals naturally over the following few days.

The healing process begins immediately and most patients will see immediate results. The procedure is now duplicated on your other eye to restore your 20/20 vision*.

The procedure will usually take approximately 15 minutes to complete iLASIK on both eyes.
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