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Advanced all-laser treatment approved by NASA

iLASIK corrects your vision using two incredibly precise lasers. The first creates an ultra-thin protective flap and the second reshapes the cornea. The treatment itself has been performed for over 20 years, and customers can expect to have both eyes treated on the same day.

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Step 1

Your eye ‘map’ is as unique as your finger print. The first step is to create a 3-D image of each eye that shows your eye surgeon the areas that the laser needs to correct. 

Find out more about iDesign technology.
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Step 2

Anaesthetic drops are applied to numb the eye.


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Step 3

Using your eye ‘map’ as a guide, a second laser is then applied for a matter of seconds sending tiny computer controlled pulses of cool laser beams to gently reshape the inner layer of the cornea to correct your vision.
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