Mr Sherif Ekram


Mr Sherif Ekram

A dedicated and accomplished eye surgeon, with over 15 years’ 
experience leading clinics and surgeries for healthcare institutions 
across the globe. Mr Sherif Ekram has extensive knowledge in 
refractive and cataract surgery, anterior eye and glaucoma care and 
is highly knowledgeable in performing surgical interventions for 
glaucoma, laser vision correction and cataract patients. 

Mr Ekram’s Ophthalmology career began in 2006 during an 
internship at the Alexandria University in Egypt and has most 
recently completed his UK Fellowship of the International Council of 
Ophthalmology in London in 2021. 

With vast experience, Mr Ekram is committed to improving patients’ 
vision and quality of life through precise diagnosis and innovative 

In addition to supporting research, Mr Ekram has been integral to 
the operational and commercial aspects of clinics worldwide, from 
introducing new technologies to streamlining working practices.

Procedure Types

  • Refractive Lens Exchange
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Laser Vision Correction

Professional Memberships

  • Ireland Medical Council (IMC)
  • General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Ministry of Health Medical Practice
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Egyptian Medical Syndicate (EMS)
  • European Glaucoma Society
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd)