About Troy Scott

BSc (Hons)

Troy Scott

Troy joined Optical Express in 2006 after he graduated from Manchester University. Beginning his career with us within our multi-disciplinary team as an Optometrist, Troy has since progressed and is now part of our Surgery Support team.

As part of the surgery support team, Troy assists our ophthalmic surgeons by preparing patients for laser eye, cataract and lens replacement surgery procedures. Working alongside experienced clinicians who have helped Troy develop in his role, specialising in refractive surgery enables her to provide better care to his patients. 

Troy enjoys talking to patients as they make their way through their 
refractive journey. He can provide much needed comfort, calmness and help ease the nerves for some patients. The feeling you received when the patients come in after their surgery and hear them say “it’s life-changing”, or “I wish I’d done it sooner” brings joy and pride to the team at Optical Express.

The Wales Optometry Postgraduate Education Centre (WOPEC) is the only dedicated optometry postgraduate education centre in the world. 
Troy received his Glaucoma and Cataract referral accreditation, enabling him to deliver glaucoma and cataract eye care treatments. 

Services Delivered

  • General Optometry
  • Refractive and Cataract Surgery Pre and Post-Operative Consultations