About Mesha Tanna

BSc (Hons) MCOptom, DipTP (IP)

Mesha Tanna

Mesha graduated from City University in 2000. Her extensive 20-year career at Optical Express, where she has held positions as Optometry Development Manager and Clinical Director, speaks to her wealth of experience and leadership in the field of optometry. Her role in coaching and supporting optometrists in their learning and development demonstrates her commitment to advancing the profession and ensuring the highest level of patient care.

Gaining Masters in Clinical Optometry with modules in Medical Retina 
and Glaucoma, along with her diploma in Independent Prescribing, has provided her with a strong foundation in eye care.

Mesha is committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends through 
attending conferences like ESCRS and ASCRS. Her wealth of refractive knowledge and dedication to educating patients about eye health and preventative measures contributes to the well-being of her patients and the success of her optometry practice.

Apart from providing comprehensive eye examinations, refractive pre and post consultations and diagnosing and managing eye diseases, Mesha works closely with surgeons and external specialists when more advanced care is required. She assists our Surgeons with complex cases as well as working within the Clinical Services Team to provide additional clinical care to patients. In London, Mesha performs the LipiFLow treatment to treat Meibomian gland dysfunction, a common cause for dry eye.

Services Delivered

  • General Optometry
  • Refractive and Cataract Surgery Pre and Post-Operative Consultations
  • Independent Prescribing Consultations