Optical Express makes sustainability a priority with new environmental drive

The UK’s only complete eye care provider and the No 1 provider of laser eye surgery and lens replacement surgery in Europe, Optical Express, is leading the way as a sustainable business in the industry by accelerating its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The eye care business is urgently progressing with several initiatives that will drive its environmental efforts.

With the news that over 780 million plastic contact lenses are used by wearers in the UK and 33% of wearers not realising that they can be recycled, Optical Express identified the need for action. We carried out our own research and it showed that 97% of contact lens wearers are damaging our environment1. As a result, the business is launching its contact lens recycling scheme that can be accessed by any of the 4.2m contact lens wearers in the UK2.

Optical Express has teamed up with Terracycle adopting the hub and spoke model to offer contact lens recycling at each of its clinics and high street locations nationwide. All discarded contact lenses, plastic film, pods and cardboard packaging can be recycled here, helping us take care of our environment.

Across the UK, Optical Express has also identified Environmental Champions, who will become ambassadors for their regions and drive engagement in the business’ sustainability plans. 

David Moulsdale CEO of Optical Express said, “Taking care of the environment has never been so important. Across Optical Express, we’re accelerating our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Every single one of us at Optical Express has a responsibility for doing as much as we can to protect the planet for future generations.”

On the subject of the launch of the contact lens scheme, Moulsdale added, “In the last few years, we have all become much more aware of the awful impact that everyday, single-use plastic items are having on our environment. We’ve made huge strides in reducing the impact of shopping bags, plastic bottles, and cotton buds, but we often forget that contact lenses are plastic too.”

Being a complete eye care provider, Optical Express is perfectly positioned to give our patients choices, from glasses manufactured by environmentally friendly brands such as Eco by Modo, right through to longer term options such as laser eye surgery and lens replacement treatment. We offer a full range of solutions to help our patients on their way to visual freedom.

Environmental Statement

At Optical Express we seek to build a sustainable business today for tomorrow's world, through ongoing socially and environmental conscious investment in our global operation. 

Sustainable living is about making choices that reduce our use of resources and protect our environment.

Our actions, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, will have an impact.

Collectively a large number of people will, over time, not only make a difference to our environment but also encourage other people to change their behaviour. 

We are proud that Optical Express is leading the way to become the most environmental-friendly provider in the industry and as a responsible business, we are fully committed to working tirelessly to minimise the company's environmental impact.

You can read more on our Environmental Statement here.