Glasgow the Caring Centre

Project New Vision

Optical Express have supported Glasgow the Caring City on ‘Project New Vision’  which values visual health as a route out of poverty, since 2007.

The project involves Optical Express supporting the charity, Glasgow the Caring City and partners at ARM in the country of Burundi,  to provide a small and vital optical clinic in the Bujumbura region in central east Africa.

Donated spectacles from Optical Express clinics throughout the UK and Ireland, are categorised, tested and distributed free of charge via the charity’s  network of local clinics, returning sight to the most at risk communities within Burundi.

Communities in Uganda, Sudan, Zambia and Malawi have also benefited from the generosity of Optical Express patients and staff.

Patients are encouraged to recycle unworn glasses at our clinics nationwide, as part of our commitment to being environmentally conscious, and recycling glasses ensures that plastic polymers which make up the frames are re-used instead of ending up in landfill.

Optical Express is leading the way to become the most environmentally-friendly provider in the industry and as a responsible business, we are fully committed to working tirelessly to minimise the company’s environmental impact. Read more on our work here.