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Mr Manek Patel


An experienced ophthalmic surgeon, Mr Manek Patel has performed more than 69,000 procedures. He is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and studied at the Grant Medical College in Bombay before working as a general ophthalmologist in India and completing his post-graduation in ophthalmology.
Mr Manek Patel’s ophthalmic experience progressed at London’s leading hospitals including Moorfields, UCL and St George’s, where he taught general ophthalmology to medical students and nurses. He also worked at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Sutton General and Epsom General, where he was a consultant performing intraocular/extraocular surgery, cataracts, glaucoma and squint DCR surgery. Involved in many types of ocular surgery such as laser treatment for diabetics, he has trained junior ophthalmic surgeons in LASIK. He is a member and past president of the international charity organisation, The Lions International Club.
The Lions International Club work to help organisations who provide medical equipment for third world country medical practices, equipment for the handicapped, school supplies and numerable worthy causes.
Professional Memberships
•    General Medical Council (GMC) – Member
•    'Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery' as offered by The College of Ophthalmology
•    College of Physicians and Surgeons India (CPS) - Fellow