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Think of classic Italian fashion with its elegance, refinement and sophistication and you’ll probably think of Gucci. Cherished by celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Kate Moss and Rhianna, Gucci is globally renowned for its innovative approach to contemporary design. It’s produced exquisite fashion for nearly a century.

Sunglasses from Gucci are just as elegant. Representing the height of Italian craftsmanship and quality, these sunglasses take inspiration from classic vintage style and the glamour of the past. That’s not say that the sunglasses are overly retro though —the range is all about contemporary luxury. It’s designed firmly with the needs of the modern woman in mind. At the forefront of modern fashion, Gucci uses retro inspiration to create truly original, contemporary interpretations.

Suited to the urban woman who wants elegant, contemporary style at its best, sunglasses from the range offer truly exceptional protection, blocking dangerous UVA rays and glare.

Iconic Italian fashion doesn’t get much better than Gucci: perhaps one of the most successful brands the world has ever seen.