Optical Express Patient Hub

Introducing an online patient portal designed to help patients become pro active in taking control of their eye care instantly.

Enter the new Optical Express Patient hub - a new complimentary personalised place to for patients to review documents, manage appointment bookings, health profile, records and details. We believe that patients should have choices, be fully informed and feel cared for at every interaction - our patient hub saves time, gives a greater level of care, transparency and power to patients.

The benefits of the Patient Hub

By introducing the Patient Hub Optical Express has an opportunity to improve complete care especially the aftercare provided to the patient outside of their clinic. This new functionality provides the ability to provide patients with instant access to personalised content, guide them to appropriate support and their discharge information. This hub requires a user register using a unique link sent when they book an initial consultation, this includes 2-factor authentication requiring a valid mobile number to verify meaning it is secure for patients. 

Registration for booked refractive patients

Reaching patients

The New Patient Hub gives us new ways to reach our patients. Engaging patients in more valuable meaningful ways. New touch-points. That’s huge.

Patient age plays a key role in user adoption as well. People over the age of 45 may naturally be more hesitant about using account systems, like patient portals. It'll be simple for Optical Express team members to alleviate concerns when the portal in a very simple way ultimately helps patients get the best care before, during and after any refractive treatment.

Positive Engagement

What does the Patient Hub Offer?

A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. All patients can activate their account and access the information we provide for them. Activating their patient portal is quick, easy, and only takes a few minutes. 

  • History and lifestyle

    Patients can now begin their health and lifestyle questionnaire as part of their online patient hub account, ahead of time, prior to their appointment so patient advisors and patients save valuable time. Patients can also still complete and sign this at the consultation if they wish. 

  • Managing appointments

    Being able to manage appointments is very important to patients and now with the Optical Express Patient hub it is possible to schedule, view and reschedule. 

  • Appointment Checklists

    Patients with upcoming appointments now have handy checklists to guide them before their appointments  and follow some basic guides to know what to expect and how to prepare for their scheduled appointments, from their initial consultation to their yearly follow ups. 

  • Health Profile

    The patient hub contains a health profile section allowing patients to keep their personal information and contact details up to date easily, manage their contact preferences and know what percentage of their health questionnaire and profile is complete. The health profile even allows patients to jot down private notes prior or post appointments to help them retain information. 

  • Documents

    With the introduction of readily personalised documents available to the patient in their own patient hub, it means patients can be entirely paperless if they prefer, read and review informational and consent documents and their reports quickly and effectively. 

  • Support

    With the Patient hub personalised support is now centralised, patients only need to look for frequently asked questions, contact numbers or message a patient advisor directly in their support section. 

Who can access the Patient Hub?

The new Optical Express Patient Hub is currently available for Refractive patients. Patients who book a new consultation appointment receive a unique secure access link associated with their record in their confirmation email. We encourage you to guide a patient to activate their patient hub.

Via Email
Location Price
In Scotland Available
Northern Ireland Available
Rest of UK Available
Deutschland Not Available
Ireland Not Available
Croatia (Hrvatska) Not Available

Understanding the Patient Hub

The Patient Hub was built by the Optical Express online team in conjunction with multiple in house departments - as of August 2019 the Patient Hub is available in Beta, which means that it is continuing to change and evolve as more patients activate their accounts and we learn more about how to improve the experience overall allowing the patient hub reach its full potential, Eventually more features will be available for patients in the next phase as well as an app available for both iOS and Android devices. 

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Driving change

More and more healthcare providers are realising the benefits of Patient Portals. With our Patient Hub, we can dramatically improve overall patient experience and satisfaction as well as being good for internal operations. 

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