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Would You Fly to Las Vegas to See Some of the Most Famous Glasses in the World?

By Optical Express

After hearing about a bizarre museum stashed away in the office of a local optometrists, this week Optical Express asks; would you fly to Las Vegas to see some of the most famous glasses in the world?

The Attraction of Famous Frames

As a provider of stylish frames destined to suit any face shape, Optical Express understands the attraction of famous frames.

When you see a pair of famous glasses, you often learn something about the famous face those frames once sat on. They can lend you an insight into the people who’ve shaped our world. There’s no better place to gain insight like that than the Famous People’s Eyeglasses Museum.

A Display Case in a Doctor’s Office

If you haven’t heard of it, we’re not surprised. We’re not talking about a British-museum style structure here. Rather, the Famous People’s Eyeglasses Museum is nothing more than a display case in a doctor’s office in Henderson – a town near Las Vegas, Nevada.

But what a display case it is. Located in the office of local Henderson optometrist Dr. Gomesindo Hendricks, it houses the frames that once belonged to some of the most famous people in the world. Noted luminaries of the Museum include Betty White, Walter Cronkite, Bing Crosby, Noel Coward and President Ronald Reagan.

What Lengths Would You Go to Collect Celeb Specs?

The collection was started by the office’s previous owner, Dr. Melvin Bagley, Hendricks’ father in-law. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Bagley got the idea to start the museum in the 60s, and went to extraordinary lengths to attain his collection.

Bagley commented that “a book came out every month that profiled 10 famous people and gave their addresses to write letters.” He went on to explain that “we would write letters to the celebrities and politicians asking for their old eyewear to start a museum.”

That’s what Google Images is for!

If you’re interested in learning about some of world’s most fascinating people and you happen to be in Las Vegas, you might want to take a little time to check out the Famous People’s Eyeglasses ‘Museum.’ Still, if you’re thinking about flying out to Sin City just to see it, we’d suggest you just take five minutes and do quick search on Google Images instead!

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