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Winter Descends on the Roads of Britain

By Optical Express

Following In the wake of the infamous ‘weather bomb,’ winter has truly descended on the roads of Britain.

Winter means lashing rain, dense snow and sheets of ice; weather phenomena that not only make it harder to see, but to navigate the road in front of you without crashing into the nearest tree. Yet with the holiday season in full-swing, more people are getting behind the wheel than at any other point in the year. Last year, 13 million people braved the wintery conditions and took to the road from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day.

Now ask yourself – what do harsh driving conditions plus more cars on the road equal in terms personal injury accident rates per vehicle miles driven? If you guessed that it means that November, December and January boast higher volumes than any other month, you’d be right.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving

That’s why it’s critical that you get your car ready for winter driving. Avoid becoming a statistic by taking the following steps…

Check Tyre Tread: Make sure your tyres have a tread of at least 3mm. This lends your tyre better grip when confronted with an iced up stretch of road. Alternatively, you might want to switch out your regular tyres for their winter equivalent, which are designed to equip your car with a more effective grip.

Clean Your Lights: With daylight hours in short supply, your lights need to be in prime condition to help you navigate any dark winter back roads you may come across. Unfortunately, the grime, salt and water characteristic of winter roads can dim their brightness, which is why cleaning your lights is always a good idea in winter.

Top up Levels: Screenwash, anti-freeze, oil and water are all essential for winter driving, yet your car doesn’t come with endless supplies of any of these vital components. You need to check and top up their levels yourself to ensure they last throughout the winter.

Ensure Your Battery is Charged: Batteries really get put through their paces in the winter. They have to work harder to power your car through cold-starts, deicing, windscreen demisting and extensive use of headlights. Check your vehicle’s battery is fully charged before you take to the road as the cold season descends.

Check the Brakes: With ice making roads slippery and pounding rain making it hard to see, it’s more likely than ever that you’ll need to pull hard on the brakes at some point this winter. Prepare yourself now and check your brakes; if you don’t, you could cause a serious accident.

Don’t Be That Driver

The prepared driver is the driver who has everything they need to stay the course when sheets of rain are making it harder to see, and slippery ice is making it even harder to drive. Don’t be the driver who thinks ‘I wish I was more prepared,’ when you take to the road and find yourself confronted with the harsh driving conditions only winter can bring.

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