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What Would Rachel from Friends Be Up to Right Now?

By Optical Express

In light of recent comments made by Jennifer Aniston, at Optical Express this week we thought we’d take the opportunity to ask; what would Rachel from Friends be up to right now?

As Your Sight Changes You’ll Probably Need Reading Glasses

As a provider of stylish frames to suit you no matter your face shape, Optical Express understands that as you age, your sight changes. Most people eventually need reading glasses.

That doesn’t mean that you abandon your sense of style. If you want to rock reading glasses and feel fabulous, take your cue from the celeb set to make sure you perfect the look.

We All Wanted the ‘Rachel’ Back in the 90’s

If there’s any celeb you should be taking tips from, it’s Jennifer Aniston. She’s always had a killer sense of style. Ever since the 90s, when as Rachel in Friends she popularised the ‘Rachel’ haircut, she’s been the style benchmark women across the world have striven to emulate.

Aniston’s now in her 40s and as she’s aged very graciously, she’s started sporting glasses every once in a while. As with every other look she’s donned over the years, Anniston rocks glasses like she was born to wear them.

Would They Still Be on a Break?

Anniston’s character Rachel would probably also be wearing reading glasses right about now, and we bet she’d look every inch as fabulous. That’s why we found it fascinating that when speaking to Digital Spy, Jennifer revealed what she thought Rachel would be getting up to in 2014.

According to Aniston, Rachel’s life would be just as fabulous and dramatic as ever. Rachel and Ross would probably living it up in Paris or London at this very moment. She went on to suggest that the pair’s on/off relationship would probably be as tumultuous as it was back in the heyday of the 90s sitcom.

You Can Still Live a Fabulous Life

If this goes to show anything, it’s that as you approach the age where you need to sport a pair of reading glasses every once in a while, you can still live a fabulous life. If you need a role model to show you how then once again, Jennifer Aniston has provided you one in her most beloved character, Rachel Green.

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