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Vision myths debunked

By Optical Express

From starving a fever and feeding a cold, to your heart stopping when you sneeze. There are plenty of myths about our bodies that cause confusion up and down the country.

And while we can't confirm nor deny that your cold will disappear after a hearty meal – always worth a try - we can attempt to debunk a few of the myths out there about our eyes.

Myth: If you sit too close to the TV you will damage your eyes

Answer: Myth


Despite what your parents may have told you, sitting too close to the telly won't give you square eyes. However, although it may not damage your eyes, sitting too close to the TV might cause some eye strain – so it's worth avoiding nonetheless.

Myth: Reading without enough light can harm your eyes

Answer: Myth


Just like sitting too close to the TV, reading or focusing on something close up without enough light won't cause damage, but may cause eye strain. This can be uncomfortable and result in tired eyes or a headache, so again it is not advisable.

Myth: Carrots help you see in the dark

Answer: True, to some extent


This is an interesting one. Carrots contain vitamin A, which is essential to help your eyes function normally, including helping you to see in dim light.

Although carrots may help, they'll only get you as far as what's considered normal vision - so put all hopes of super-human carrot-powered vision out of your mind!

For more handy advice on taking care of your eyes, make sure you take a look at the rest of the Optical Express blog, and be sure to get in touch should you have any queries about your vision!

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