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Top Reasons To Consider Laser Eye Surgery When Going Back To Uni

By Optical Express

Heading off to university is a milestone for many. It's time to meet great friends, have fun and generally enjoy a first taste of independence. However, whether you wear glasses or contacts, sometimes the spontaneity of university can leave you guessing about your eyewear - here's our top reasons why laser eye surgery could help you out!

Diving into sports

University is a great place to really get stuck into sports. Uni teams are often famed for their comradery, team spirit and enthusiasm, but have you ever found your glasses or contacts get in the way when you're playing sport? Even if you don't wear glasses and instead stick to contact lenses, it can still be an extra obstacle you have to think about when playing sports - perhaps most notably swimming.

Laser eye surgery can take that barrier away, meaning you're free to get involved in Extreme Frisbee, join the coveted lacrosse team, or sprint round the athletics track without having to think about your eye sight. There'll be no more leaving your glasses behind by accident, no more damaged frames and certainly no more lost contact lenses while taking a swim.

Spontaneity at its finest

Even once you've settled into university life, you can never predict all your social events. Some will be planned well ahead of time, but more often than not nights on the town are a spontaneous decision. And for those that wear disposable contact lenses, that can be a problem.

Daily lenses will need to be taken out after a certain time, and if you struggle with dry eyes while wearing them, it can be an annoying distraction on a night out. If it's suitable for you, laser eye surgery may just be the answer!

Lectures and learning

During your first few weeks of uni, you may find every inch of space in your accommodation is taken over with your housemates’ belongings as everyone unpacks their bits and bobs to start their new student life. It's not uncommon for you and your housemates to begin sharing belongings, whether that's clothes or kitchen equipment and more often than not, something will get misplaced in the chaos, and you don't want that to be your glasses!

Staying focused in lectures can be made ten times more difficult without your specs, and no one wants to have to sit at the front squinting to see the lecturer's notes! Having laser eye surgery means there will be one less thing to pack in your uni bag - easy!

There are many reasons why laser eye surgery can make your life easier, but it is of course a personal choice. If you'd like any more information, or to request a free information pack, take a look at the Optical Express laser eye surgery pages.

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