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The Daily Mail features Optical Express saving Sportsman’s sight

By Optical Express

Optical Express often help sports people improve their vision and one of the great advantages of laser eye surgery is that it can benefit sporting performance in all sorts of disciplines. This week, the Daily Mail reported on champion marksman Brett Winstanley, who believes laser eye surgery from Optical Express saved his career.

Earlier this year Brett won the British Open Clay Pigeon Shooting Championship, this remarkable achievement came about after not appearing in competition for six years, it was a comeback that took some shooting fans by surprise. The reason that Brett hadn’t taken part in competitions for such a long period was simple, his eyesight.

Eyesight deteriorating

Brett started shooting at the age of six, accompanied by his father. By age 12 he was in the England team, and also won the first of many shooting prizes with the sub-junior world championship. However, only a year after winning, his started to experience problems with his eyesight.

At first it wasn’t catastrophic, but Brett did need to train to shoot with his other hand to make up for his hampered vision. However, by the time he reached the age of 16 his eyesight had gotten much worse.

Glasses hampering shooting

Brett went to see an optician and was prescribed glasses, but he found that the glasses hampered his shooting style and that he couldn’t wear safety eye-wear and the glasses at the same time. Brett told the Daily Mail: “I found that I got glare from the targets, and I couldn’t wear safety glasses over the top.”

Brett also admits that he couldn’t deal with contact lenses at all. Eventually, the sport at which he was a champion became difficult for him to take part in, due to his impaired vision.

Laser eye surgery

Brett’s parents were understandably disappointed for him, and eventually Brett’s father suggested Brett look into having laser eye surgery performed. Brett approached ophthalmic surgeon Faqir Qazi at the Optical Express Treatment Centre in Manchester, who explained what would happen with a procedure known as LASIK – Laser-Assisted-In-Situ-Keratomileusis eye surgery.

Brett described the surgery as no more worry than a visit to the dentists, he told the Daily Mail: “It was so straightforward.”

On target for the 2016 Olympics

Now, at age 24 and back on winning ways Brett has set his sights on the ultimate sporting target, the 2016 Olympic Games. “I’m really going for gold. I don’t aim for anything less when I’m shooting.” Brett told the Daily Mail.

From footballers to champion shooters, laser eye surgery can really improve sporting performance of all kinds. If you want to find out more, get in contact with Optical Express.

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