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Reasons Why Sports And Glasses Don't Mix

By Optical Express

Ever tried your hand at a Downward-Facing Dog while trying to keep your specs on? Had your glasses knocked from your face while trying to catch a ball? We've all been there. There's a reason why glasses and sports don't mix! From your yoga practice to your local team games, here we highlight some of the inconveniences.

They fall off…a lot

Regardless of how well-fitting your glasses are, when you start to get a little sweaty there's no stopping those frames from sliding down your face. Ever tried doing yoga with your specs on? It's probably better to opt for a slightly blurry Warrior Three pose than to have them crash land on your mat every few minutes.

More energetic sports can be troublesome too. From getting accidentally knocked from your face to constantly having to reposition them, it can be a troublesome time for any glasses-wearing sportsperson.

The steam is real

When they're not sliding down your nose or falling off entirely, those glasses that do stay put when you're exercising can have an annoying tendency to get a bit steamy. There's nothing worse than having your workout interrupted, especially when you have to stop and give the lenses a wipe simply so you can see through them.

The rain is a pain

Fans of the great outdoors will understand the difficulties wearing glasses can pose while exploring. The weather can be the biggest threat - when it's raining that is. Visibility can become really poor, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations depending on the terrain you're traversing.

What's the solution?

While some people might be happy to put up with the perils of glasses and sports, others may be less keen. Contact lenses are a great option for the casual sportsperson, although they do come with certain restrictions in sports.

For those that would prefer to not have to think about glasses or contact lenses, laser eye surgery is the perfect solution. To find out whether you're suitable, or for more information, take a look at our laser eye surgery information page.


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