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Perfect Vision Helped Me Find My Perfect Girl

By Optical Express

Product Manager, Steve Richmond (31) was never a lover of Valentine’s day but this year he will be celebrating with his new wife Deborah, who he met days after getting rid of his glasses and undergoing life changing laser eye surgery.

“Laser eye surgery definitely improved my confidence overall.” Steve was speaking after ditching his glasses finally gave him the courage to ask his dream girl on their first date.

Steve underwent laser eye surgery at Optical Express in Cheltenham in 2009 at the hands of surgeon, Mr Alex George. As one of Optical Express’ most experienced ophthalmic surgeons, Mr George has performed almost 50,000 procedures during his career.

“The experience was very smooth, the surgery was very quick actually and everything was explained clearly including possible risks. I’m so glad I did now. It worked perfectly first time and I’ve had no problems with my eyes since.”

Steve, from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, first started experiencing problems with his eyes 20 years ago, wearing glasses as a child and then contact lenses as he progressed to University.

Steve said: “I wore mainly disposable daily contact lenses if I went out to social events in the evening, but like most people would tell you, they tend to dry up by the end of the day.

Life changing moment

“I wanted laser eye surgery as it just allowed for greater flexibility in my life and also it was not cheap to buy new glasses or contact lenses, especially if you wore daily lenses 365 days a year. Plus there’s the hassle if you stayed overnight anywhere and didn’t have a spare pair of lenses. I figured if I was going to get the surgery done, its best to do it in my twenties so I get the most benefit.”

His enhanced vision clearly changed his life so much so that him and Deborah had their first meeting only days after Steve underwent the surgery. “We met for a coffee on a Saturday afternoon but it quickly progressed to an early evening drink. It must have been the longest first date I’ve had but that’s a good thing. Normally I would have worn daily disposable lenses on a date but it was great to be dating and not having to worry about that anymore.”

Just over two years later, Steve & Deborah were married. The uncomfortable feeling of lenses drying up in the evening was a distant memory for Steve and he was able to enjoy activities on their honeymoon, such as snorkelling, that he previously couldn’t. Five years on, Steve is still enjoying the freedom of laser eye surgery – especially with the arrival of seven month old Dylan.

He said “It’s great to be able to hug my family closely and not having to worry about him pulling the glasses off my face – he likes grabbing things at the moment! The only negative now is that he can poke my eyes directly but it’s a small price to pay for great vision.”

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