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Optical Express Launches iScan

By Optical Express

Following months of research by Optical Express a new personalised eye care report called iScan is being launched across the UK. The report is based on an eye health initiative developed by some of the UK’s top football teams.

The Advanced Eye Care report will be will be issued electronically to patients who attend a refractive consultation and very soon all patients undergoing an eye examination at one of the Optical Express’ multiple’s branches will receive a copy too. It went live in Scotland last month, with England scheduled for mid-December, and the whole of the UK and Ireland by the end of the year.

Diagnostic Tests and Prescription Analysis

The iScan report is free to patients and will contain a series of diagnostic tests and prescription analysis, it’s the first report of its kind in the eye care industry. Optical Express have introduced iScan because we believe that it will set new standards for the industry and improve patient care.

The report includes a 3D map of the eye and goes into detail about the patients’ needs. Eye health details included in the report are typically not available as part of the traditional written eye prescription.

Raising Awareness of Technology

Optical Express chairman and CEO, David Moulsdale said: “This is first to market and raises awareness of technology. We are putting in major investment and leadership into the optical market. It will lead to greater long term relationships with patients, monitoring their ocular health over time, thereby paving the way for them to come back to us.”

David concluded with: “This is the digital age and people are keen to understand more about themselves. They are interested in the different elements of the eyes and their health.”

Premier League

This new initiative is based on work with some of the Premier League’s biggest football clubs and the expertise of Bridgewater Hospital. Football players received an eye health exam and the subsequent report produced on the player’s eyes inspired Optical Express to produce a similar report for every customer.

The service is aiming to help empower patients by giving them detailed eye health advice and also includes details of how to manage certain eye conditions if this is required. The report will assist with the monitoring of patients with degenerative eye conditions.

£12 million upgrade

The team at Optical Express have been working on this project for over two years, and this has involved the investment of nearly £12 million on upgrading the company’s IT infrastructure to facilitate the collection, transfer and storage of the ‘vast’ volumes of data.

Our own Dr Steve Schallhorn, chief medical director and chairman of the Optical Express International Medical Advisory Board, said: “We want patients to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to making decisions about their eye health. By giving them a full, clear picture of their eye condition, and detailed information about the options available, we also hope to make the patient journey more comfortable and easier to navigate.”

Find out more about iScan at Optical Express

Keep checking back on the Optical Express Magazine site as we reveal more details about iScan the benefits for your own eye health.

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