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Keeping contact lenses working in the great outdoors

By Optical Express

If you're out and about in the great outdoors for long periods of time - such as when camping or hillwalking - taking care of your contact lenses can often be a challenge. With no running water to keep your hands clean, and no bathroom mirror in which to comfortably put them in, it helps to have a few little tricks up your sleeve. 

When you can't clean, sanitise
If clean running water isn't available, and you can't hold off sorting out your contacts until you have access to some, make sure you carry a little bottle of hand sanitiser with you. While this is by no means perfect, it'll go some way in helping to prevent germs getting in your eyes. Just make sure you can rinse your fingers in your drinking water - or even lens solution - to avoid a sanitiser-alcohol-in-eye situation. 

Any budding explorer will be fully stocked with wet wipes for the journey, and these can be an alternative option to sanitiser when there's no running water. As with hand sanitiser, just make sure you rinse the soap off with some drinking water before sticking in your lenses. 

Always be prepared
Whether that's by taking along spares, more cleaning supplies than you think you'll actually need, or even packing a trusty pair of glasses just in case, there's nothing worse than being stranded in the countryside for a weekend with only one fully functioning contact lens. Avoid any potential mishaps and take some spares. 

Practice makes perfect
When you're spending time in the countryside, it's very rare to find a fully equipped bathroom set with that all-important mirror. It's a good idea to make sure you can safely put in and remove your contact lenses without one, or with a small compact mirror you can carry with you. You could even practice this by torchlight if you want to partake in thorough camping preparation! 

For more handy advice on caring for your eyes, take a look at the rest of our blog. 


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