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How much does it cost to learn to drive?

By Optical Express

The motoring team at Optical Express Magazine love being behind the wheel, and here at Optical Express towers we got into a conversation this morning about how much it actually costs to learn to drive.

For those of you who love cars and can’t wait to get behind the wheel, but aren’t yet old enough to drive this article makes sobering reading. For parents of teenagers too, it’s best to be prepared to take a hit in the wallet when your young ones have urge to ‘get their motor running’.

47 hours of tuition

On average, most learner drivers need 47 hours of tuition before they can be put forward for their test, lessons can cost around £20 per hour so the tuition itself really adds up.

The learner also needs to dig deep for the theory exam (£25) and the test itself which can cost between £60 and £75. All in all, the cost of getting yourself onto the road legally can be well over £1,000. That’s before you’ve even bought a vehicle or filled it with fuel.

Learning in your teens

A few years ago it was common to start learning to drive as soon as you became old enough. Today, many people are leaving driving lessons until their mid to late 20s or early 30s. The cost of learning to drive is playing a large part in people delaying learning.

For parents, if you want your young children to get on the road as soon as they’re legally able it’s wise to start budgeting for learning costs as soon as soon as they pass 12 years old. Saving £5 from 12 years old would give a parent around £1,300 to help their child with lessons and the test.

Insurance at a premium

One thing that must be considered if you’re planning to learn to drive at a young age is the costs of insurance. Young drivers face insurance premiums that can often run into thousands of pounds, another reason which puts people off of learning younger.

Advice on how to reduce premiums for younger drives includes looking at low-powered cars which fall into lower insurance groups. Anything too sporty, or too powerful will mean your insurance costs will sky rocket.

Overall, learning to drive can be an expensive activity, the good news is that you can always get your motoring fix from Optical Express Magazine completely free of charge.

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