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Five Celebrities Who Have Had Laser Eye Surgery

By Optical Express

If you need any assurances that laser surgery can change your life, look to the A-List set, as this week Optical Express reveals five celebrities who have had laser eye surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery Can Give You a Whole New Lease of Life

Laser eye surgery is a revolutionary procedure which can give you 20/20 vision. In some instances it can even go one better, and bump up your sight to 20/10. That’s why over 20 million people across the world have invested in laser eye surgery.

Optical Express has decided to present you with real life examples to put laser surgery into perspective for you. Since the A-List set are the ultimate role models, we’d thought we’d do so by sharing with you the experiences some of the most famous people in the world have had with laser eye surgery.

The Five Most Famous People to Ever Have Laser Eye Surgery

There are a lot of celebrities who’ve utilised the benefits of laser eye surgery, but there are none more recognisable then the following five…

1) Brad Pitt: As if Brad Pitt wasn’t gorgeous enough? The rumour is that he underwent laser eye surgery to improve his leading man looks… it certainly worked. He looks as dreamy as ever!

2) Nicole Kidman: We’ll let the talented actress tell you about her experience with laser eye surgery herself. Kidman once commented that “technically I was walking around “legally blind” but now after surgery I have 20-20 vision. I can’t believe I spent so many years of my life seeing things blurry.”

3) Cindy Crawford: The legendary 90s super model was actually pretty scared of investing in laser eye surgery at one point. However, she eventually put aide her fears and underwent the procedure and has never looked back. Since overcoming her fears, she now practically raves about laser eye surgery.

4) Courtney Cox: The Friends alum was a relatively early convert to laser eye surgery, investing in the life changing procedure back in 1999. Courtney corrected her vision from an astounding 20/400, improving her quality of life by leaps and bounds.

5) Elton John: Iconic musician Elton John may be known for his wild and outlandish specs, but even he saw the benefits of laser eye surgery, going against his brand to invest in surgery in 2003. Now he only dons glasses to lend his outfit the extra touch of pizzazz it needs to shine on stage.

Revolutionising the Way You Live Your Life

These five famous faces used laser eye surgery to improve their lives, and they certainly did that. They’re more successful than ever, showing that laser eye surgery is a treatment that’s destined to revolutionise the way you live your life.

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