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Courtney Love’s Sunglasses Are Awesome!

By Optical Express

This week Optical Express is having to swallow down our collective amazement and say something we never thought we’d have to say; Courtney Love’s sunglasses are awesome!

Like Magic, They Suddenly Become Cool

Yes, Optical Express understands why people flock to follow a celeb in the style stakes. As the provider of stylish frames for any face shape, we’ve seen first-hand how when a celeb dons a pair of shades, like magic, they suddenly become cool!

Yet there are a few celebs we normally wouldn’t touch with a bargepole when it comes to what to wear. There are a lot of names on that list, but the top spot has always been reserved for one style illiterate A-Lister in particular. Courtney Love.

One of the Most ‘Interesting’ Names in Rock and Roll

She’s a bit of a controversial figure isn’t she? The former wife of Grunge legend Kurt Cobain (and Hole front woman) has made a name for herself as one of the most *ahem* ‘interesting’ names in rock and roll. Personally, we still can’t forget that incident with Madonna at the 1995 VMAs.

And when it comes to style, it’s usually pretty accurate to say she’s hardly a trendsetter. Half the time, she looks as though she hasn’t realised the 90s have receded from collective memory, and the other half, she looks so rough we honestly don’t care what she’s wearing.

The Trashy/Classy Look

That’s why we were pleasantly surprised when the most derided woman in rock and roll stepped out in London recently in an outfit that got fashionista’s tongues wagging like they’d just scored front row seats at Paris Fashion Week.

Love managed to pull off the trashy/classy look when she dined at celeb hotspot the Chiltern Firehouse recently, as she teamed thigh-high lace-up leather bondage boots with a flared tweed coat, topping off the look with killer shades.

We want to give a special shout out to the sunglasses, they were so cool they could freeze a fire in the pits of hell. No kidding, they were dark, rhinestone-studded boxy wayfarers that made her look ab fab sweetie darling (really obscure reference any true Gilmore Girls fan should get!)

I Now Pronounce You…

So hat’s off Courtney, we’d never thought we’d say it, but we actually loved your shades so much we want to marry them! Our minds are already drifting off, imaging how awesome – if strange – that wedding would be!

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