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Choosing the right eye care path

By Optical Express

When you're considering laser eye surgery you may not be aware of the different options available to you, especially if you've previously been advised that you may not be suitable or one method may be more suitable than another.

To make sense of it all, here are some things worth considering;

Get checked first

A laser trained optometrist is best placed to advise you on your suitability for the procedure. The quickest - and only - way to find this out is to have a consultation with someone that actually provides the treatment.

If you are thinking about your options, book a free consultation with Optical Express today.

Understand your choices

Laser eye surgery isn't the only option available to those with poor eyesight.

If your optometrist doesn't think laser eye surgery is the best course of action for you, lens replacement surgery may be suggested as a better option. This involves replacing your eye's natural lens with a synthetic one that corrects your vision.

Alternatively, lens enhancement surgery might be suggested, which is similar to lens replacement surgery, although the synthetic lens is placed on top of your natural lens.

There's always a choice

Many people don't know about the various methods of eye surgery available, so make sure you get in touch with us to discuss your options. Fill in our form to book your consultation, and begin your journey to better vision today.

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