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Optical Express Is On The Ball With iScan Advanced Eye Care Report

A state-of-the-art personalised eye care report based on an eye health initiative developed for some of the UK’s top football teams is being launched by Optical Express.

The iScan advanced eye care report, available only at Optical Express, the UK’s leading eye care provider, is a detailed prescription which is the first of its kind within the industry. In addition to setting new clinical standards throughout the optical industry iScan will also improve patient care.

The service is based on work undertaken by Optical Express and Bridgewater Hospital with the Premier League’s biggest clubs. Players received an eye examination and an in-depth report on the status of their eye health. The clinical benefits of the initiative convinced Optical Express, the UK’s leading eye care provider, to develop a version of the report for patients.

After months of research, Optical Express is now offering iScan, a diagnostic report containing detailed information about a patient’s visual health and the unique characteristics of their eyes.

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