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Dawn and Ashley Ward have a bright new outlook thanks to lens replacement surgery


Couples who get lens surgery together, stay together. At least that’s how the saying goes for Dawn and Ashley Ward. The pair, who are husband and wife, best friends, parents, colleagues, and reality TV royalty, decided to make a change to their lives and get lens replacement surgery to improve their vision. Tired of feeling frustrated by their deteriorating eyesight, and the lack of confidence that came with it, Dawn and Ashley knew it was time to sort it out.

Since having their procedure in Manchester, Ashley says their future is bright and that “the difference between my eyesight before and after was like night and day.” Dawn agreed with her husband, saying “I cannot believe I wasted all these years and hadn’t done it sooner. I’d recommend lens replacement surgery to anyone who could have it done. It’s just life-changing.” It looks like Dawn and Ashley’s latest joint venture together was a success.

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