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Amanda Bynes Sparks Twitter Comeback

By Optical Express

Optical Express discovered this week that troubled starlet Amanda Bynes made her comeback on Twitter, posting a photo which showed her rocking an awesome pair of shades.

A-Lister’s You Shouldn’t Imitate

As a provider of stylish frames to suit your face, Optical Express understands that in many ways, people see celebrities as role models. If they sport a new pair of sunglasses, you want to rock them too.

Yet there are some celebrities that you shouldn’t hold up on a pedestal. We think it’s fair to say that troubled US starlet Amanda Bynes definitely falls into the category of A-Listers you shouldn’t imitate.

Entering the Murky Waters of Young Adulthood

A child star who rose to fame in a series of early 2000s US TV programmes, Bynes’ life took a turn for the worst as she entered the murky waters of young adulthood.

The struggles she’s endured in the last few years have landed her in rehab more than once. Bynes entered a treatment facility in LA a few months ago following another breakdown. Yet despite several instances of bizarre behaviour, this year the actress denied that she is schizophrenic.

Amanda Bynes Makes a Statement in Oversized Dark Shades

Bynes has since left treatment and after a 26 day absence, returned to Twitter. What a return it was, as Amanda used the opportunity to show off her penchant for fashion.

The actress posted a snap of herself in a clothing store changing room. The picture showed Bynes rocking a cute skirt and crop top, capped off with a sparkly belly button stud and a pair of oversized dark shades. She accompanied the pic with the caption "I'm loving Boutique Jules!"

Which Shades Are You Going to Rock Next Summer?

Just what the actress is trying to say here, we’re not entirely sure. However, with worries about Byne’s wellbeing continuing to do the rounds, we’d suggest that this is one celebrity you shouldn’t take as your role model when deciding which shades you’re going to rock next summer.

Image Copyright: Amanda Bynes,

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