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Chris Eubank
Former Boxing World Champion
“I wasn’t nervous. When I make a commitment, I make it based on trust, and I trusted the professionals at Optical Express. 
When I get into the ring, nobody wants me to explain what I’m going to do, they want me to actually do it. I was right to trust the clinic staff; the results have been astounding.
I now feel like I have new eyes. It’s strange but true – the results really are like seeing through a fresh pair of eyes. It’s a great procedure and I would strongly recommend it to others.
It’s absolutely life-changing, there’s no doubt about that.”
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Carol Smillie
TV Presenter
“I feel incredible, somewhere between the bionic woman and a sheer miracle! One of the things which hammered it home was sitting with my 19-year-old daughter on the night of the second operation and being able to read her texts. Although I didn’t tell her that, obviously!

The whole procedure was so quick and painless, and the effects, even more so, in fact the morning after my first eye was done, I was brushing my teeth and looked into the bathroom cabinet and was suddenly able to read the writing on the medicine bottles. These used to be the bane of my life because the writing is so minuscule. It was just one eye at that stage but it was like a rebirth.”
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Glenn McCrory
IBF Cruiserweight Champion 1989
“Being short-sighted was my guilty secret – because if the truth had emerged it would have harmed my boxing career. As a professional boxer, I used to memorise eye charts to pass the eye health checks.

When I became a commentator my vision problems didn’t have any impact on it because I’m so close to the ring, but away from the cameras life was becoming increasingly difficult. I couldn’t see road signs while driving and I couldn’t enjoy playing golf because I was struggling to see the ball. Since undergoing lens replacement surgery with Optical Express I can now see clearly for the first time.

It feels brilliant – and I don’t need to busk it any more.”
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Steve Durkin
EMEA Sales Manager
“I had a great experience and great outcome with Optical Express. I recently had lens replacement surgery in both eyes and I am glasses free after 15+ years of inconvenience and expense. Like most people, I had concerns about the procedure and results before I had my first consultation. But as soon as I met with the team in St. Albans they explained everything clearly and simply and set realistic expectations as to what could be achieved (which they exceeded by the way). All of the paperwork, consent forms and so on were very clear and easy to understand.

There were plenty of efficient exams and tests along the way, involving a discipline of different people to ensure nothing was missed or left to chance. The procedures themselves were very efficient and painless and had almost immediate results. The follow up has been fantastic with all of my layman’s questions being answered clearly. My biggest problem is having to remind myself how bad my vision was as the brain quickly adapts to seeing everything as fresh and new! It is definitely worthwhile and I would heartily recommend Optical Express.”
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Sally Edwards
Business Consultant
“I had to put glasses on to read and my distance vision started to go so I was wearing different glasses for driving and watching TV. I had on occasions left my glasses behind and was hopeless without reading glasses.

It was a big decision to go for replacement of my natural lenses, but I know a lot of people who required the surgery for cataracts so figured that one day I would need it anyway and better to have it now and have the benefit whilst I am still very active.

I had screening checks first in Cardiff and then went for further even more detailed screening in Bristol. I didn’t really like the idea of being awake whilst the op was performed but I can honestly say it was fine.

After more pre-op checks, my left eye pupil was dilated with drops and anaesthetic was given in the same way. Just before going into the operating theatre I was given a sedative and a further aesthetic was given to my eye which also stopped my eye from moving for the op. The operation took about 10-15 minutes, I could see bright lights, colours and was aware of fluid being flushed over my eye, but no pain and I was calm (much to my surprise)!

A patch was put over my eye and I was told to put drops in the eye after 4 hours. When I did this I could see pretty well, but because my eye pupil remained dilated at this stage I got really strange reflections of lights, hitting the edge of my lens. I was warned about this but it was a bit scary because it was quite extreme and I worried it might stay that way; it looked like large hoola hoops or halos of light in front of my eyes. Also I looked like the devil’s daughter, my eye was very bloodshot.

The next morning I went for my prearranged check. I could see really well, the halos had gone and I noticed white with my new lens was much whiter, with my other eye whites looked yellowish by comparison. I was told the bloodshot eye was down to a reaction to the anaesthetic and I observed that everyone else seemed to have got away without it. My other eye was done the week after and I had exactly the same experience and reaction. The bloodshot appearance of my eyes cleared within days.

I now have better than 20/20 vision and it is brilliant! I can pick up tins and read contents without searching for my specs. I can see distance, read road signs and don’t need to carry glasses around with me. Two things to note, it was necessary to administer 3 sets of eye drops for 3 weeks and one of those did sting, but not everyone found that so. Also as warned I get a bit of a flare effect of car lights so night driving takes a bit of adjustment.

Overall I’m very happy and really glad to have a life free of glasses.”
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Jo Lewis
220 Women’s Triathlete of the Year 2012
“As every seasoned athlete will agree, relying on contact lenses and glasses to participate in our chosen field can hinder our performance. As an active triathlete and triathlon coach I never imagined the fantastic transformation in my everyday life after my intraocular lens treatment with Optical Express. I no longer have to contend with red and blurry eyes, or the irrepressible worry of losing a lens in the water while competing.

Having worn contact lenses for forty years I feel revitalised and positive, like a young woman again. To the many athletes affected by the same eyesight issues that I once had, especially the slightly older among us, I say go for it, you’ll be amazed!

I have no hesitation in recommending Optical Express, simply brilliant.”
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Pete Matkin
“When I was a child i couldn’t read with my right eye as it was a lazy eye, as I got older my good eye got worse as it had to work so hard, I saw an advert for laser eye treatment and went for a consultation.

I was recommended to have NLR and decided to have the treatment I was very apprehensive for my first eye and they did my lazy eye first and next morning I couldn’t believe that I could read with my lazy eye unaided by glasses. It made me cry. I have now had both eyes done and can read without any glasses, infact I have donated my glasses into the box for Africa.

The treatment has changed my life completely for the better. After my good experience I have recommended a lot of people to have it done so look out Optical Express you are going to be busy! It’s the best thing I ever did. Thanks”
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Lesley Newton
“The lens replacement surgery I received is the best thing I have ever had done. I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone it has changed my life, no more glasses and I can see perfectly as if I went back 20 years with my sight. The team at Optical Express were fantastic they explained everything really clearly and made me feel relaxed and happy about the treatment.

I have ongoing care with Optical Express for ever. I had one replacement carried out one week (and never wore my glasses again) and the second eye one week later. I followed the instructions to the letter about the eye drops as this is part of the treatment and I have never looked back. This is a brilliant treatment for anyone who is not suitable for laser eye surgery. The treatment is well worth the cost and changes your life forever.”
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Steve Knight
“It is the best thing I have ever done, I don’t need my glasses any more! I am a keen cyclist and I used a sat-nav on my bike before surgery. I had to stop and put my glasses on to navigate but now have no problems getting around.

Also, reading without glasses is great I have recommended surgery to some of my friends and some of them have already had it done. My wife also will be having lens replacement in August this year.

Thanks Optical Express!”
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Caroline Lindsay
“Forever losing glasses, oh despair!
Are they on the table or under the chair
Are they on the stand beside my bed?
Of course not, they are on my head.
The time I’ve wasted , over the years
Has been enough to drive me to tears.

But Optical Express you have changed all that for me
Thanks to Lens Replacement Surgery.
Your procedures and treatment are second to none
And your staff so professional, everyone.
Little did I know when I crossed your door,
With your expertise I would need glasses no more.

From the minute I awake I can see,
The time on the alarm clock as clear as can be.
I can go to the steam room in the gym
And recognise my hubby and be sure it’s him.
I take my granddaughter to the swimming pool on my own
And am confident of bringing the right child home.
I can read a newspaper,a book and even knit and sew
I should have had this operation years ago.

So it’s with 20/20 vision this poem I write
Optical Express you’ve changed my life
Nothing more to say, I guess
Other than thank you, Optical Express”
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