Lens Surgery

Since undergoing lens replacement surgery with Optical Express I can now see clearly for the first time. It feels brilliant!

I can now see clearly for the first time. It feels brilliant!

Glenn McCrory,
Former World Cruiserweight Boxing Champion & Sky Presenter

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Lens surgery is a well-established treatment that offers the same visual freedom as laser eye surgery with the additional benefit of being able to correct age related reading vision. The surgery involves placing a state-of-the-art synthetic lens in the eye to correct poor vision. This sophisticated lens is custom-fit to the exact shape and size of each eye. The new lens works much the same as a contact lens, but is fixed in place. There is no inconvenience of frequent cleaning and removal. There is a range of different lenses available to correct the wide spectrum of visual requirements including toric lenses for the treatment of astigmatism (an atypical curve of the eye). Our surgeons will discuss the best lens option for each individual. Most people return to their usual daily routine within a day of their surgery. There are two different lens surgery methods: replacement and enhancement.

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