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Featured Winner - Jean Michel Gauffre

Jean-Michel Gauffre was randomly selected as the winner of our January 2015 competition of FREE laser treatment. Jean-Michel visited Optical Express for a consultation in February where he was found suitable for lens replacement surgery. We caught up with him after he had his treatment:

My name is Jean Michel Gauffre. I’m the owner of La Garrigue restaurant in Edinburgh. My sight was very important to me in every walk of life I suppose but it was a thing you take for granted. When I started wearing glasses about 15 years ago and it had a big impact.

I remember it happened suddenly to me and one morning watching television I couldn’t read the wording on the screen and decided to have my eyes checked and that was it. Working in the restaurant with glasses can create problems- especially in the kitchen when cooking with the steam or the splashing! I was always cleaning my glasses then they were getting greasier and greasier as the day went on so there were a lot of issues to wearing glasses in the restaurant.

No, I never considered lens surgery or any other kind of surgery for my eyes but when the opportunity came along to have a look into it I decided to have a go. The fact I wanted to enquire helped me make the decision I suppose but long term it’s something I think I would have done anyway. Wearing glasses and losing them was getting more difficult and annoying for me. To be able to read menus, read my emails in the morning and to be able to read the labels on bottles of wine without having to look for my glasses that was my main interest for surgery.

The type of surgery I had was multifocal lens replacement surgery. My experience of the surgery was a 50 minute delay in my working day. I couldn’t believe how efficient and fast the operation was. After the surgery I felt a little bit drowsy but I felt fine and I was expecting some kind of pain which I’m still waiting to arrive. The staff at Optical Express were fantastic from day one, both in the advice and support given all the way through.

At my first meeting with Optical Express the staff gave me the confidence to go ahead with the operation. I made the decision to go ahead practically on the spot they were so convincing without being pushy. The fact that surgery was the answer to correct my eye sight long term. Well there are many benefits to it. The first one: stop searching for my glasses in the morning, be able to read what kind of shampoo I’m using whether it’s mine or my wife’s, being able to pick up any newspaper and read them without glasses. The only inconvenience, if I may say this, is the time I spend looking for my glasses then I realise I don’t need them anymore but that’s it! In terms of the difference of the operation at work I found out I can go easier on the kitchen duties. I can string whatever is cooking and the steam doesn’t affect my eye sight anymore.

I’m doing a lot more of emails and on the computer more often now a days and I used to get tired after a while with glasses and I’ve noticed that is something I don’t have anymore. I can spend much longer time on the computer and I can read any kind of small detail more easily. I think every day you pick up different bits of pieces I never thought of before. Reading a recipe or even looking for ingredients for a special product- I don’t have to put my glasses on, I can read straight away! The big difference was for the colour. I think the colour is much sharper than what I thought it was going to be. That’s something I was not told about. Especially in my restaurant as I have a lot of paintings. The colours of the paintings are somehow different to the paintings I was looking at a few weeks ago. I have a granddaughter called Amelia Rose and she’ll be struggling to grab my glasses off my nose now. I’m looking forward to taking her swimming more often which is another great asset.

A few of my friends and family had different kinds of eye operations in the past, the laser surgery. I was surprised how quickly the recovery time was and the fact there was no pain considering how everyone knows how “chicken” I can be so it was a surprise to a lot of people.

If I could sum up the experience in one word… Fantastic!

Other featured winners...

David Minnican, May 2012

“I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to win free laser eye surgery. I had the LASIK treatment which was very quick and pain free and I’m delighted with the difference it has made to my vision after years of wearing glasses and contacts. I have been recommending Optical Express to all my friends & family, I only wish I had done it years ago. Thank you to Optical Express for this fantastic prize.”

Nick Brackenbury, July 2014

The winner of July’s laser eye surgery competition is Nick Brackenbury from London! Nick told us the news was a ‘fantastic surprise’! After being found suitable at his consultation in Shaftesbury Avenue, Nick had his surgery in October and was delighted with his 20/20 vision!

Sophie Holloway, May 2014

“The morning after my treatment, I must admit I was shocked. I didn’t realise I’d bound out of bed and be able to see. My first check up showed that that my vision is now better than 20/20. “I can see much more detail than I ever could with my contact lenses in. When I’m driving I can see number plates from much farther away, and when I go for the train I can see the times on the board from a greater distance. “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laser eye surgery to anyone who wants to get rid of their glasses or contact lenses. The freedom is brilliant; it’s a nice feeling now that I don’t depend on contact lenses or glasses anymore.”

Jonathan Laud, March 2012

“My new eyes! The last couple of weeks of my life have been fantastic. From seeing street signs, colours being brighter and even looking up at the clouds, It’s like a whole new world is out there. I deal with customers all around Great Britain and offer a very high level of customer service and didn’t think anyone could match this until I met the team of Optical Express!“

All the Winners

July 2015 - Christopher Lund, June 2015 - Kathryn Mentell, May 2015 - Niki Devereux, April 2015 - Rachel Simpson, March 2015 - Natasha Greenough, January 2015 - Jean-Michel Gauffre, August 2014 - Jacqui Coyne, July 2014 - Nick Brackenbury, March 2014 - Nicholas Moran, January 2014 - Edel Scanlon, December 2013 - Elissa Hawksworth, October 2013 - Stuart Walters, July 2013 - Hal Shinnie, May 2013 - Elena Negura, March 2013 - Jessica Williams, January 2013 - Lisa Howarth, July 2012 - Matt Ashby, May 2012 - David Minnican, April 2012 - Faye O'Donovan, March 2012 - Jonathan Laud February 2012 - Annie Portch

Winners who weren't suitable but received £500 in vouchers

October 2014 - Amanda Seaton, September 2014 - Kerry Tran, June 2014 - Alasdair Duncan, August 2013 - Charlotte Wright

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February 2015 - Darren Golder, November 2014 - Katie Butterfield, April 2014 - Robyn Ross, November 2013, September 2013, June 2013, April 2013, February 2013, December 2012, November 2012, September 2012, August 2012, June 2012

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  1. There is one prize each month of either (i) a voucher for the full costs of laser eye surgery or natural lens replacement at Optical Express; or (ii) a £500/€500 voucher for other Optical Express products or services (at the winner’s selection).
  2. The Optical Express prize draw is held on the 2nd Friday of each month for the previous calendar month.
  3. One winner each month will be randomly selected to win the prize from those that attended their free consultation.
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  8. The provision of laser eye surgery or natural lens replacement is subject to patient clinical suitability as determined at a free consultation at an Optical Express clinic. If a winner attends a consultation for laser eye surgery or natural lens replacement and is found to be clinically unsuitable, then a voucher worth £500/€500 to be redeemed by the winner against other Optical Express products and or services will be issued.
  9. Prizes and vouchers are not transferable under any circumstances, even if a winner is deemed clinically unsuitable for laser eye surgery or natural lens replacement following their consultation.
  10. The surgeon’s decision on clinical suitability and whether to proceed with treatment is final.
  11. There is no cash alternative available.
  12. Open only to UK and Republic of Ireland residents.
  13. One entry per person per month. Entrants must be aged 18 years of age or over.
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