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An alternative treatment to iLASIK, LASEK comprises only one laser to correct your vision. A temporary protective lens is then applied for additional comfort as your eyes heal. LASEK treatment has been performed on millions of patients over the last twenty years.

A good option for thin corneas

Lasek corrects your vision using the exact same incredibly precise laser as used during LASIK.

During LASEK the laser is applied closer to the outer surface of the cornea and there is no need for a flap to be created. This can make LASEK a better option for people with thinner corneas.

Step one: Map

Your eye ‘map’ is as unique as your finger print. The first step is to create a 3-D image of each eye that shows your eye surgeon the areas that the laser needs to correct.

For more precise results you can choose iDesign.

Hi-tech iDesign treatment can map your eye twenty-five times more accurately than a standard prescription used for glasses or contact lens. We are so confident in iDesign technology, that if you are suitable and choose to have iDesign iLASIK, we guarantee 20/20 vision or better… or we'll give you your money back.

Find out more about iDesign technology.

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Step two: Prepare

Before starting the procedure, anaesthetic drops are applied to numb the eye.

After this has been done, the surface cells on the outer layer of the cornea are gently moved by the surgeon. This is done by placing an ultra-thin sheet on the eye and a diluted alcohol solution is then used to loosen the edges of the sheet. This sheet is then gently moved to one side to reveal the layer of cornea that will be treated by the laser.

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Step three: Correct

Using your eye ‘map’ as a guide, a cool beam laser gently reshapes the cornea to smooth out the imperfections and correct your eyesight. The sheet is gently folded back into its natural position.

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Step four: Completion

The surgeon gently places a protective 'bandage' contact lens on to the eye to provide comfort during the healing process. This protective 'bandage' is normally removed after approximately four days .Both eyes can be treated on the same day. While many patients can see immediate differences in their vision, it may take a number of days for your vision to settle. This is followed by a period of refinement lasting several weeks and long term visual outcomes are excellent.

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