Featured Winner

Jean Michel Gauffre

Jean-Michel Gauffre was randomly selected as the winner of our January 2015 competition of FREE laser treatment. Jean-Michel visited Optical Express for a consultation in February where he was found suitable for lens replacement surgery.

Sophie Holloway, ‚ÄčMay 2014

“The morning after my treatment, I must admit I was shocked. I didn’t realise I’d bound out of bed and be able to see. My first check up showed that that my vision is now better than 20/20. “I can see much more detail than I ever could with my contact lenses in. The freedom is brilliant; it’s a nice feeling now that I don’t depend on contact lenses or glasses anymore.”

Nick Brackenbury, July 2014

The winner of July’s laser eye surgery competition is Nick Brackenbury from London! Nick told us the news was a ‘fantastic surprise’! After being found suitable at his consultation in Shaftesbury Avenue, Nick had his surgery in October and was delighted with his 20/20 vision!

David Minnican, May 2012

“I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to win free laser eye surgery. I had the LASIK treatment which was very quick and pain free and I’m delighted with the difference it has made to my vision after years of wearing glasses and contacts. I have been recommending Optical Express to all my friends & family, I only wish I had done it years ago. Thank you to Optical Express for this fantastic prize.”

November 2015 - Mark Fitzsimmons, October 2015 - Jules Annan, September 2015 - Raheela Anwar, August 2015 - Paula Keith, July 2015 - Christopher Lund, June 2015 - Kathryn Mentell, May 2015 - Niki Devereux, April 2015 - Rachel Simpson, March 2015 - Natasha Greenough, January 2015 - Jean-Michel Gauffre, August 2014 - Jacqui Coyne, July 2014 - Nick Brackenbury, March 2014 - Nicholas Moran, January 2014 - Edel Scanlon, December 2013 - Elissa Hawksworth, October 2013 - Stuart Walters, July 2013 - Hal Shinnie, May 2013 - Elena Negura, March 2013 - Jessica Williams, January 2013 - Lisa Howarth, July 2012 - Matt Ashby, May 2012 - David Minnican, April 2012 - Faye O'Donovan, March 2012 - Jonathan Laud, February 2012 - Annie Portch

Winners who weren't suitable but received £500 in vouchers

October 2014 - Amanda Seaton, September 2014 - Kerry Tran, June 2014 - Alasdair Duncan, August 2013 - Charlotte Wright

Winners who didn't respond

February 2015 - Darren Golder, November 2014 - Katie Butterfield, April 2014 - Robyn Ross, November 2013, September 2013, June 2013, April 2013, February 2013, December 2012, November 2012, September 2012, August 2012, June 2012