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I consent to receiving the diagnostic results from my consultation at Optical Express via email.

I acknowledge that the transmission of information via email is not secure or confidential and that communications from Optical Express may contain personal information including sensitive personal information. As a result, Optical Express advise that I ensure that only I have access to emails received at the email address given below. I also confirm I have provided the email address below and that I am solely responsible for and confirm its accuracy.

In the event that any such email addressed to me at the email address below is mis-routed or otherwise caused not to be received by me as a consequence of the acts or omissions of a person or party other than Optical Express and/or as a consequence of any technical or systems failure and/or error then Optical Express shall, except where such has been caused by the fault and/or negligence of Optical Express or one of its employees, not be responsible and have no liability to me in such circumstances. I acknowledge that whilst communications leaving the Optical Express network will be scanned for viruses prior to dispatch, Optical Express does not guarantee that any communication will be free from viruses, malicious code or such like, and that I should take my own precautions (such as installing appropriate anti virus software) to safeguard my devices.

Optical Express will only send electronic communications pertaining to Optical Express and will not share my email address with third parties. “Optical Express” means and includes all companies in the Optical Express Group of companies.

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Thank you, your iScan: advanced eye care report will be with you shortly.

If you have not received your iScan within 24 hours, please email

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We are sorry to hear you do not wish to receive your iScan: advanced eye care report.

Should you have any questions regarding your iScan or your consultation outcome, please call 0800 023 20 20 where one of our customer care team will be happy to help.

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