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1.How do authorisation forms and the option for direct invoice billing work?

Your employees can only redeem billable products and services if they present an Optical Express Corporate Eyecare Scheme authorisation form in our clinic. You will have full control over the supply of these authorisation forms, so there is no chance of any surprise invoices or unexpected and unwanted costs.
All you need to do is complete the employer section and then give the complete document (top copy and attached colour copies) to an employee. Our team in the clinic will process it according to your instructions. Your employee will retain the top copy after their visit to the clinic, so please ensure that they return this to you for your own records.
We will then automatically bill you monthly, by invoice, for all services rendered and authorised by a form during the previous month. 

2. How do my employees take advantage of the eyecare savings, and how do I communicate this to them?

Your employees just need to visit one of our clinics, and show proof of employment with your organisation in order to qualify for a saving. This can be redeemed against glasses, designer sunglasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, and lens surgery.
Communicating this fantastic benefit to your employees effectively is vital, and we will help you with this in a number of ways. We will supply you with posters for break/communal areas/notice boards, which are great for getting the message out.  We will also give you offer wording and artwork that you can use when sending internal email or for adding to your company intranet or employee portals.

3. How does the free eye test work?

We normally extend a free eye test to any person who makes a purchase in our clinic on the day of their test.
You can provide your employees with the additional benefit of knowing that they can always have a free sight test, without obligation to purchase and this will cost your organisation just £15. This is especially useful for people who do not need to wear glasses, but who wish to have regular eye tests. It is recommended that everyone has an eye test at least once every two years, because eye sight can deteriorate up to 40% before people even realise that they need some kind of visual aid.
In addition to this, employees who regularly work with display screen equipment (like computer monitors), are entitled to ask you to pay for a sight test on their behalf. We would charge you just £15 for this service (compared to £30 normally), and we can also help with the costs of any spectacles that your organisation is also obliged to cover for such employees.
When you provide a sight test for your employee, you are also providing them with the opportunity to receive their own personalised iScan eye health report. The iScan report is a full colour, PDF document that shows the patient’s diagnostic results. It incorporates eye health details which are not normally part of a written eye prescription. The iScan report is split into sections veering your eye prescription and your eye health.  

4. What are my obligations when employees need prescription safety spectacles or have a prescription for work using DSE (Display Screen Equipment)?

You do not need to pay for prescription safety spectacles. You definitely should though because they start from just £58 per pair, and come with a range of added benefits to you and your workforce.  Employees will be more comfortable while working, and therefore more productive as they will be able to stop having to wear inconvenient and often cumbersome goggles over their ordinary glasses during the working day.
If you have employees that regularly use DSE (Display Screen Equipment) or VDU (Video Display Units), you have the responsibility to fund eye tests for these individuals. In the event that they are prescribed glasses solely for use while working on DSE or VDU, you are similarly obliged to meet the cost of a basic pair of glasses. A complete pair of glasses that meet this requirement are available from Optical Express from just £49. 

5. Why Optical Express? 

  • Employee savings can be extended to immediate family.
  • We are the only optical provider who produces a personalised iScan eye health report for every patient.
  • We have a proven track record of forging successful partnerships with large private businesses, private medical insurance companies, government bodies, local authorities, and charitable organisations.  
  • We are the number one provider of laser eye surgery in the UK. This means that in addition to being able to manage your employees eye care needs (like any other provider can), we are also in the unique position to be able to solve their eye care issues instead with life changing treatment. Your organisation can make an amazing surgery procedure more affordable for your employees by signing up to our savings package.
  • Over 99% of patients would recommend Optical Express laser eye surgery to their friends and family. This is based on a study of 252,179 patients (September 2014).

6. What does an example corporate eyecare and wellbeing package look like?

The following example is based on one of our existing clients with over 1000 employees:
 - 20% off laser eye surgery and lens surgery with a FREE consultation
 - 10% off glasses, contact lenses and designer sunglasses
 - FREE eye test
 - Free iScan eye health report
 - FREE 2nd pair of glasses (including bi/varifocal lenses)
 - Free prescription glasses for DSE use

For a no obligation discussion about how you can set up our corporate eyecare and wellbeing offerings for your organisation, you can find our contact details below: 

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