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At Optical Express we want to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you to meet the eyecare and wellbeing needs of your employees.

Employee benefits of this type are becoming very popular as more and more employers realise that a healthy workforce is a more productive one. These employees are also likely to feel more engaged in the work place, will take less time off, and will be more effective during the working day.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive Savings

    Cost to your organisation: FREE
    You can give your employees a fantastic range of discounts (up to 20% off) on glasses, contact lenses, designer sunglasses, laser eye surgery and lens surgery. This comes with no cost, and there is no need for authorisation forms or administration on your part.
  • Free iScan Eye Health Report

    Cost to your organisation: FREE
    iSCAN is a state-of-the-art, personalised eye care report. Exclusive to Optical Express, iSCAN allows clinicians to carry out a thorough assessment of each patient’s visual health in order to detect and monitor many important eye conditions.
  • Free DSE spectacles for employees

    Cost to your organisation: From £49 per pair
    The Health and Safety Executive require that businesses provide glasses for employees who regularly work with display screen equipment, and who also require an eye prescription for this type of work. For just £49 per pair, we can help you meet this basic H&S standard for qualifying employees. 
  • Optical Express Corporate Authorisation

    Cost to your organisation: FREE
    We will provide you with authorisation forms to issue to your employees. This means that you can control how often the wellbeing benefits are being used, and it ensures that there are no surprise invoices. Remove the hassle of implementing this wellbeing perk by allowing us to cover most of the administration.
  • Marketing Materials

    Cost to your organisation: FREE
    We want to help you publicise the eye care and well-being benefits that you are offering your employees, so we will provide you with posters, artwork and copy.
  • Free Eye Test

    Cost to your organisation: FREE
    Your employee would normally pay £30 for a private sight test so for 50% less you can offer them a great perk. We will also only bill you £15 if your employee does not make a purchase on the day.
  • Free or Subsidised everyday use Spectacles

    Cost to your organisation: From £49 per pair
    While there is no legal requirement to provide this type of eye wear for your employees, it can be offered as a relatively inexpensive perk. Complete glasses can be covered in their entirety for just £49 for example. You can equally choose to make a higher contribution of course.
  • On-site Eye Testing

    Cost to your organisation: from £400 per day
    Employees can have a 20 minute eye test during the working day which means they don’t have to take time off or wait for weekend availability. In addition to testing on the day, we will also bring a range of frames for employees to choose from, including designer sunglasses. We also offer an MOT and repair service for your employees’ existing glasses. 
Corporate Well-being
We understand that every organisation has different employee eye care requirements. For this reason we know that it is important to give our clients the option to select all or just parts of our corporate eye care and well-being services.

You therefore have the option to provide any combination of the services below for your employees. You may in fact wish to choose only one service, e.g. exclusive savings. It is our aim to ensure that you can achieve a bespoke well-being package that is tailor made for your organisation.
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