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Insights from Optical Express including latest news, treatments and key information.

Optical Express Is On The Ball With iScan Advanced Eye Care Report Launch


A state-of-the-art personalised eye care report based on an eye health initiative developed for some of the UK’s top football teams is being launched by Optical Express.

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Life Made Easier Thanks To Lens Surgery


Retired PA, Julia May (68) started to notice her vision deteriorating around her mid-40s when wearing glasses became an everyday necessity.

Julia, from Northampton, says: “It really was a nuisance having bad eyesight. Simple things like showering became a chore because I couldn’t distinguish the shampoo from the conditioner”.

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A Tale Of Two Eyes: Hilary Marson’s Story


I wanted to be able to see – see clearly – without messing about with spectacles and contact lenses. I was fed up with losing them, sitting on them, dropping them and paying for them. The solution was simple, I knew. Optical Express would wave their magic wand and voila! New eyes! (well, new lenses anyway.) My local pharmacist had recommended them, what could go wrong? I made an appointment and went to see them at the local centre in Nottingham. I had the checks, watched the videos, listened to the science and, a couple of hours later, the paperwork and explanations and pre-surgery arrangements were made.

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The Latest Development In IOL Treatment


Intraocular surgery is the most commonly performed refractive surgery procedure in the world, with increasing numbers of patients being able to benefit from the life-changing procedure. Each year approximately 16 million procedures are carried out. Regular advancements in IOL technology, optics and design have occurred in the decades since the procedure was first carried out, and such developments continue to this day.

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History Of Intraocular Lenses


In 1949, British Ophthalmologist Sir Harold Ridley successfully implanted the first intraocular lens (IOL) at St. Thomas Hospital in London. The implant was made of an inflexible material called PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), which Ridley thought to use after observing the eye’s tolerance of PMMA following eye injuries in Royal Air Force pilots. When the pilots’ plastic canopies were struck with bullets, they shattered, leaving small pieces of PMMA in the pilots’ eyes. Ridley observed, however, that the pilots’ eyes were compatible with and did not reject the inert PMMA substance. This inspired him to use PMMA in early IOL implantations. More recently, however, softer materials such as silicon and acrylic have regularly been used for the procedure, which allow for a smaller incision.

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