Dr Waseem Aziz


Independent Practitioner

About Waseem Aziz

Dr Aziz has gained a wide range of experience in a number of specialities during his career of more than 25 years. Thanks to his specialist skills in LASIK and LASEK laser eye surgery he is considered to be a leader in the field of corrective eye surgery by his peers.

During his time with Optical Express, Dr Aziz has successfully helped thousands of patients to change their lives by achieving 20/20 vision or better after their LASIK or LASEK laser eye surgery.

He began his medical career as a Senior House Officer in the Accident and Emergency department at the Royal Surrey County Hospital after graduating from Aberdeen University and completing his postgraduate qualifications.

He then progressed to a position within the Blackburn Royal Infirmary as a Senior House Officer, and it was here that he began to work in all aspects of eye care and general eye surgery. During his time there he gained extensive operative and clinical experience and a keen understanding of each patient’s requirements and expectations.  

Dr Aziz performs laser eye surgery at Optical Express in Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leeds and Meadowhall.

Clinical experience

  • Over 50,000 eye surgeries

Patient results

  • 93.4% of Dr Aziz’s patients achieve 20/20 vision or better
  • 100% of Dr Aziz’s patients are satisfied with the care provided

Professional memberships

  • Royal College of Surgeons (RCS)
  • Royal College of Ophthalmology (RCO)

Customer testimonials

What Dr Aziz’s patients say about him

My experience with Optical Express was really good, from consultation to the procedure everything was first class. When going on holiday it is great not having to pack contact lenses, glasses and solutions. Swimming without contacts is brilliant. Many Thanks.

Ed Pickering
Lady looking into eye machine

The surgeon was reassuring and spoke to me all through the surgery. I would highly recommend Optical Express, I love my new eyes and am thankful for their excellent service and care!

Danielle Lee