Optical Express becomes first ever eye care partner of The PGA

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At Optical Express we have our sights set on inspiring the next generation of golfers after becoming an official partner to The PGA.

As part of a three-year partnership, we will be working alongside PGA Members to encourage people to play golf and choose it as their sport of choice.

A grassroots programme will begin at Bishopbriggs Academy, East Dunbartonshire, and will be rolled out throughout the country following successful trials.

The game, which brings together people of all ages and abilities, will help spread the values of precision sportsmanship as well as providing hours of fun.

In addition to encouraging a new wave of players, we hope to raise greater awareness of eye health within the sport and help golfers to improve their performance on the course.

As the UK’s leading eye care specialist and number one laser eye surgery provider we believe we are well placed to help players with all of their vision needs, from glasses and contact lenses to corrective eye surgery.

David Moulsdale, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Optical Express, said: “We’re thrilled to become the first ever eye care partner of the PGA.

“Our mission is to introduce the sport to a new generation of people who will be able to enjoy it just as much as the current generation, and who knows, we may just inspire the next golfing great.

“We have already improved the vision and lives of a number of professional sports people in recent years, and this partnership will enable us to work closely with professional golfers. Improving their vision means that they then have a great opportunity to improve their game and performance. Not only that, but they’ll discover the lifestyle and wellbeing benefits it can bring too.

“Maintaining good vision and making eye health a priority helps golfers perform at their highest level all year round, in varied conditions and climates. It also makes the game more enjoyable with none of the fuss of glasses or lenses, providing the ultimate convenience.”

The partnership celebrates the unity of both brands. Precision, skill and expertise lie at the very heart of each organisation. Professional golfers, just like ophthalmologists, take years to hone their craft and precision is key to success when performing at a high level.

Commenting on the partnership, Robert Maxfield, Chief Executive of The PGA, added: “We’re delighted to announce this exciting new partnership with such a respected eye care specialist in the UK.

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